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About People of Joy
8 Minute Video
Leader's Kit
People of Joy Brochure (PDF)

People of Joy is a two-hour experiential workshop, led by Julianne Schwietz, that leads participants to find their own ways of living in Spiritual Joy. It is filled with exercises that tap into both right and left brain activities.

Appropriate for parishes, grief support groups, families, book clubs, and people interested in fellowship while learning.

Program Objectives

1. Participants will be able to comprehend the meaning and existence of Spiritual Joy.
2. They will be able to personally answer, “Do I believe this?”
3. Attendees will identify the importance of (or passion for) Spiritual Joy in their own lives.
4. Individuals will decide how (or if) they want to invest themselves further toward living in Spiritual Joy.

A Note from SJI Founder Father John Catoir

“I do not remember anyone ever teaching me how to enjoy the Lord. Perhaps it was supposed to be self-evident. If so, it wasn′t to me.

From our earliest days we were taught in religion class that our purpose was to be happy with God in this life, and forever in the next.

If only the teachers had spent more time telling us how. Serving God was always stressed, and doing religious “things” was encouraged, but enjoying one′s life with God? Who taught that?

Only after years of struggle was I able to piece the puzzle together for myself. It has helped me and enabled me to liberate many others from a path of joylessness.

These workshops are designed to help the gift of Joy to grow.”

The Leader’s Kit

Would you like to lead a People of Joy Workshop in your location?

Everything needed to skillfully lead the People of Joy Workshop, is included in The Leader’s Kit

A lively, inspiring, one-hour phone coaching/training session with Author Julianne Schwietz, is included in the price of this kit, (and is required) to assist facilitators in maintaining the high-quality leadership standards of the Spiritual Joy Institute. Simply make your purchase and then call Julianne at (612) 929-0725, or email julianne@spiritualjoyinstitute.com to arrange your training/coaching session.

When possible, the coaching session may include a number of trainees in a tele-conference. This allows for the opportunity to form a Leader’s Joy Community, of interaction and networking with others holding the same workshop in your area, or across the country!

Contents of The Leader’s Kit

1 Facilitators Guide
1 Participant Guidebook
1 (8 minute) Welcome DVD, by Fr. J. Catoir
1 (50 minute) Spirit of Joy CD, harp/flute/guided meditations
1 hour of Coaching/Facilitation Training with Author, Julianne Schwietz

Additional Participant Guidebooks are available @ $5.00 each A bulk copy permission rate is available for large groups. Call for information.

Spirit of Joy CD,
$16.00 each.
By Julianne Schwietz
ISBN 7 89577 50802 6

Participant Music and meditations are part of the People of Joy workshop. This fifty minute CD is designed for individual use at home, as well.

Relaxation combined with guided imagery allows the listener to use the right brain in creative meditation. When experiencing guided visualizations,don't worry if you do not see pictures in your imagination. Relax and remain open to the ideas presented in order to gain the most personal insights.

The Leader’s Kit

Spirit of Joy CD:

Additional Participant Guidebooks:


Here’s what participants are saying about the two-hour workshop, People Of Joy.

This session unlocked a deep place of longing for Joy that I didn’t know was there.  Although I cried through some of it, it has helped me realize how I put my needs behind others and end up like an empty vessel.  I want to be overflowing in order to be giving to those I love.  ~ Laura M.

Wow.  Who knew?  I thought I was going to a class because my friend encouraged me.  The depth of feelings and learning I got from it surprised me.  ~ Tim M.

This class really helped me choose Joy.  I want to bring it to my parish group.  We are ready for our next challenge.  ~ Betsy O.

I am surprised at how much I got from going to this workshop.  I have decided to create a painting that visualizes how I want to be in Joy.  ~ Michelle H.

After losing my wife last year, I want to find ways to choose Joy.  It is very easy to forget that is what God wants for me when I am grieving.  This class has helped me look at what brings me comfort and Joy.  ~ Don H.


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