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Are You Ready For Resurrection?
March 2008

When I lift my eyes above the computer screen, the window in front of me reveals my neighbor’s red tile roof, where a patch of sun lights up my morning. The sky is that brilliant Robin’s egg blue. These early colors of spring cause a stir of excitement and eagerness for the blanket of winter to completely melt away.

Feelings of Cabin Fever, like I felt in late January and most of February, were all about escape. I felt impatient with the cold, colorless days and I would have jumped at the chance to be elsewhere.

I’ve been feeling impatiently “on hold,” in general. I’ve been wearing an extra layer of dissatisfaction, lacking in exercise, enthusiasm, and surrounded by ugly wall paint! This breakthrough of warm temps also warms the edges of my attitude where I can feel a defrosting within. I’m ready for a seasonal change of heart.

Easter comes early this year. In fact, I read in one of those forwarded emails, that this year is the earliest Easter since 1913. The next time it will arrive on March 23, will be 220 years from now, in 2228! Well, it’s none too soon for me.

I am so ready for Resurrection! Christ’s choice to give up His life for us is the ultimate change of seasons. There is life that springs from the dead of our winter ways and bursts with the joy of a New Day.

Lent ends! Winter ends! Resurrection is like opening the door of our lives to embrace all the beauty, the blessings, and to find Joy in our waking hours.

How will you be Joyful this Easter season? Choosing Joy is up to us. Even God will not make that choice for us. That is what free will is about.

Spiritual Joy is simply joy that we recognize as a gift from God. It is seen as a grace, a blessing, a natural aspect of life. It is God’s design that is given to each of us in the creation of our being.

We all know what it feels like to be joyful! If that joy were your favorite ice cream, or coffee at Starbucks, Spiritual Joy would be the whipped cream topping. Rich, yet calorie free, all for your pure enjoyment. Think of it as God’s way of saying, “Hey let me top that off for you.” It is a choice to take the topping, or not. It is a choice to recognize God as the Giver, the Lover who makes all things sweeter. A beautiful day makes us feel terrific. A beautiful day topped with a feeling of gratitude from God because of how you are touched by it, is all the sweeter.

What does it mean to say, “Yes” to the topping, to say, “Yes” to Spiritual Joy? I mean, who wouldn’t make that choice every day? The truth is, we let disappointments, frustrations, losses, and unhappy situations get under our skin. Our moods and feelings define and motivate our inner spirit and drive. When we allow ourselves to dwell on negative thoughts, they are followed by negative feelings. Choosing to say, “Yes” means to brush away the weight of the hour. Instead, we decide to go in search of that which will change our unhappy situation, if only for a short time, in order to bask in the brilliance of God’s healing Light.

We must seek out this light. So, what makes your heart sing? What lifts your spirit and causes you to feel happy inside? Finding your bliss is no small thing. Somehow, in the busyness of our worldly affairs, “taking care of business,” has nothing what so ever to do with the serious nature of Joy! Yet, we are created to reach our best potential. We are created in the likeness of God. God is Love, Joy, and all things good. Do not postpone Joy! Rise to it.

Values in Action
September, 2007

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