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About Father John Catoir
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About People of Joy

Fr. John Catoir

Fr. Catoir is the former director (from 1978-1995) of The Christophers, a worldwide organization that uses mass media to challenge people to believe in their own power to change the world for the better with the help of God.

He was President of the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada, and was manager for three years of Eva's Village (a poverty program in Paterson, New Jersey which feeds over 700 persons daily).

Fr. Catoir is the Founder of St. Jude's Media Ministry, which from 1995 to the present has aired on 1025 stations from Maine to Hawaii. (www.saintjudemediaministry.com)

His Joy Trilogy, a series of books on Spiritual Joy, was written with each of us in mind.



Here is the basic outline of the Joy Trilogy:
Book one: Enjoy the Lord.
Book two: God Delights in You.
Book three: Enjoy Your Precious Life.

Father Catoir realized that he had been used as an instrument of the Holy Spirit when hundreds of letters of appreciation began flowing in from all over the world.

One lady, whom he never met, bought over six thousand copies of his first book, Enjoy the Lord to give away to her friends and family. That little book has been translated into eight languages.

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