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The Joy Trilogy

The Joy Trilogy (3 VOLUMES)

ISBN: 0-8189-0938-2 596 pages $35

"Enjoy the Lord"
Contemplative prayer as the pathway to true joy

ISBN: 0-8189-0538-7 122 pages $10
How very difficult it is for most people to be joyful. Yet we were made for joy and have within our reach the means to achieve it. This book demonstrates how contemplative prayer is the path to the joy we seek. More particularly, it shows how contemplative prayer leads to a sense of self-worth and inner happiness which makes such joy possible. This revised version contains much original material which adds to the value of what was already a highly acclaimed little volume on practical contemporary spirituality.

"God Delights in You"
Understanding God as a close friend and one who loves us very much

ISBN:081890-594-8 171 pages $12.00
Book Reviewer:
God Delights in You is a wonderful book. Written simply yet full of powerful insights in how God treasures and delights in us. It contains much input from many 'ordinary' people on how they have been able to reflect on how their openness to God even in the midst of their imperfect humanness pleases Him greatly. Many books have described how God is displeased with our shortcomings. Few have focused so positively and thoroughly on how often He delights in us, His creation, His beloved. Just as even a messy, fussy baby delights his parents, so much more so do we delight our Heavenly Parent. What an uplift to read for those of us suffering from occasional low self esteem.

"Enjoy Your Precious Life"
Spiritual Joy Through Faith and Will-Training

ISBN:0-8189-0937-4 303 pages $15.00
"By constantly working toward greater Joy - which he defines as God's life abiding within you - we are fulfilling our reason for being and making the world a better place for everyone. This book helps readers find ways to grow in Joy, and train our will to claim that Joy." -- Crux of the news.

"World Religions "
Beliefs Behind Today's Headlines - Revised and Updated Edition

ISBN: 0-8189-06740-5 160 pages $15.00
This book succinctly introduces ancient religions, especially Egyptian, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and Far Eastern traditions (Confucianism, Taoism, Shintoism). Helpful features include 'Questions to Think About' at the end of each chapter." -- Eugene J. Fisher, Associate Director, Secretariat for Ecumenical and Inter-religious Affairs, NCCB.

"Daily Thought Conditioner:"
Joyfully Living the Gospel Day by Day

ISBN: 0-89942-188-1 $10.00
365 joyful meditations, containing a scripture reading, a reflection and a prayer each day

Prayer Made Simple and Joyful

"Prayer made Simple and Joyful" (VHS Tapes)

This three part video program (25 minutes each) teaches young and old alike how to add a refreshing measure of joy to their prayer lives.

The entire set of 3 tapes $35.00

Part 1 - Giving Yourself to God $15.00

Part 2 - Giving Yourself to God in the Present Moment $15.00

Part 3 - Giving Yourself Joyfully $15.00

Latest Book- 2006
"Joy, The Spirit's Gigantic Secret Behind The Church's Survival"


Spirit of Joy CD Spirit of Joy CD:
Gentle Listening for People of Faith:

By Julianne Schwietz
ISBN 7 89577 50802 6 $16.00 each.
This fifty minute music and meditations CD is designed for individual use at home, as well as in the People of Joy workshop. Nine tracks of relaxing harp and flute music combine with two tracks of guided (spoken) imagery. Designed to allow the listener to use the right brain in creative meditation. Relax and remain open to the ideas presented in order to gain the most personal insights. Comments received: "The music is relaxing and uplifting. I love the classics like Simple Gifts, Bach's Minuet in G, Vivaldi's Winter, and my personal favorite, Ave Maria!" "You have a soothing, comforting voice. Thank you for the peaceful and thought provoking meditations. I get something new from them each time I listen."

View CD Insert

Journal To Joy-Reflections for a Spiritual Journey - Limited Edition“Journal to Joy”
Reflections for a Spiritual Journey – Limited Edition

124 pages with 55 quotes and questions to write upon reflectively. $20.00

Based on her popular People of Joy workshops, Julianne Schwietz designed this personal reflection journal for those ready to experience a Joy-filled life. The journal combines elements of transformational learning with insightful quotes from the writing of Father John Catoir.  As you work through each thought-provoking reflection, you'll gain a deeper understanding of God's greatest desire for you, as well as affirm your desire and commitment to live a life of Joy. 

View Sample Pages

“The Joy Pack!” $30.00

Spirit of Joy CD, a $16.00 value, packaged with Journal to Joy, 124 pages; a reflective writing book, priced separately at $20.00.

Now you can purchase these two meditative pieces in one pack.  See Journal to Joy and Spirit of Joy CD for more information about each.

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